Idea 2 Impact

The Idea 2 Impact network is designed to help faculty, students and staff on their journey through the idea creation, innovation, assessment and commercialization process. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our extensive network of resources, personalized training and diverse mentors will guide you in fully exploring the value of your idea. The Idea 2 Impact network is built upon three essential pillars: inspiration, influence and immersion.

Idea 2 Impact Network



Find resources about the innovation and idea creation process: including how-to videos and other training tools; guest lecture opportunities for classroom instruction; links to various training academies; and discussion forums.





Learn about the relationships and networks needed to gain insight into the development process, including: resources supporting the innovation community; links to institutional, local and regional networking events; links to grant opportunities available for developing new innovations or ideas; activities offered by various incubators; links to various investment opportunities; and access to mentoring programs, industry experts and government partnerships.





Focuses on translating your idea into a fully developed product, including resources on how to start your business and how to create a proof of concept.